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I teach a 9/10 English class. In PowerSchool, the course is defined as two separate sections: an English 9 and an English 10. This created two separate sections in Schoology. I need to post the assignments twice, and when we do discussion boards, etc. only the students in each section can see that section's responses.


I would like to merge the two classes in Schoology so that I can post everything to the entire class at once. My district tells me I can do this by creating a new course in Schoology and adding my students manually. HOWEVER, this new course will NOT sync with PowerSchool. This is not the solution I'm looking for.


Is there a way to combine/merge two courses in Schoology so that everything posted to one is also posted to the other, but they continue to sync to their separate courses in PowerSchool?


I also have an 11/12 class that is the same situation, and, honestly, posting things 4 times when it should be twice is getting old fast.


Thanks for any advice you can offer!





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    Nina Rivera Official comment

    Hi Lori,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    You can link the sections if they have the same course code and are under the same course shell.  If you are not able to link the sections, the workaround your school provided is the most viable solution.  If you continue to experience difficulty with this issue, please reach out to your school's designated Support Contact for further assistance. 



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    Mr. Krieger

    Linking sections is wonderful but has a few flaws. For example, I teach PE and it is common for students to have two sections of PE. Since the same student is enrolled in multiple sections, I can’t link them.

    We also noticed that when students change sections due to schedule changes, they lose all their materials, submissions, and assessments.

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    Lori Wright

    Thank you both for taking the time to answer my question!

    It doesn't sound like linking classes is going to get the job done, so I'll be hoping for an update in the future that allows Schoology users to combine classes while still allowing for synching to separate sections in PowerSchool.

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