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Restricted Page on Ipad When accessing Schoology Quiz

Our first grade tudents are using iPads in order to access Schoology and attend zoom meetings. Or school is 100% virtual. As a gradelevel team we have created 2 different quizzes for our students to complete. However, both quizzes have given the message of "Restricted" when they attempt to access them. When we logged in as one of our students from an ipad at school, all worked fine. We have made sure that the submissions button is enabled and the quizzes are assigned to all students before they become published. Our students just got the iPads 3 weeks ago so I can't imagine the software not being up to date.


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    Nina Rivera Official comment

    Hello Victoria,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    In some instances, students may have "Restrictions" enabled on their iPads. Can you confirm that students have " Restrictions" disabled on their iPads? They can perform the following steps by going to : Settings> General> Restrictions. 

    If their "Restrictions" are disabled, and they still are not able to access the quiz, can you please let me know if they are using the most updated version of the iOS app.


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    David Morrow


    If your school/system uses a mobile device management (MDM) system, the cause might be in it. We had a similar problem and were able to trace it to a "Web Filter Profile" in our Mosyle MDM. The filter had been left on its default settings - a very general "limit adult content" filter. One example - it was restricting an assessment with the word "teen" in the title. But it was also restricting entire folders that had no obvious problems. We seem to have solved our problem by adding our schoology domain to the list of allowed domains in the filter's settings.


    Another explanation for the restrictions you are seeing could be the ipads' parental control settings.

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