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Adding an ANY answer is correct to a multiple choice question!!


I like to add a silly question to all of my assignments - kind of like a get-to-know-you type question and I use the Test/Quiz feature the most for this.  I would like to be able to make ANY answer correct on a multiple choice question. 

For example:  Where would you rather live FOREVER: a) in an amusement park, b) in a zoo, c) on a deserted island. 

None of the answers are wrong, but I can't tell the system that ANY answer is correct!  I know I can choose ALL of them as correct, but then the student would also have to select ALL of the answers in order for the computer to automatically generate their points and if they don't select ALL of the answers, then it tells the student that they got it wrong!  I hope this makes sense! 

Thank you for considering and for voting for this suggestion so hopefully it can happen!



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