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Too much unused space in UI


There is an absurd amount of wasted/unused space in the 100% zoom view of the webpage.  For some usage it's not a limiting issue, but when viewing grades or grading google-embedded assignments, I'm left having to take multiple steps/extra clicks to make the most use of the available space.  The Google docs grading window is particularly poorly designed, with about 20% of the width taken up by a static list of student names, and 40% taken up by blank, unused space.  That leaves a paltry 40% of the page width for the actual content that I'm interacting with (the student's work).  And even if that were acceptable (it's not), I still have to change the zoom factor, because at 100% some of the work is cut off by the narrow window.  See yellow highlights/squiggles. Why not default to using the maximum width of the browser window?

Thanks for your consideration,

Matt Anderson



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