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Media Album Should Open a Camera Like Assignments Do


I am an elementary art teacher so I am trying to teach little kids how to submit images.  Because I teach 500 kids it is so much easier to look at their work in bulk using media albums rather than assignments. The media albums are harder to use for the kids because they have to find their camera, take the picture and find it on their computer to attach it. The format used on the assignments is much easier on their end because the camera or video feature can just open right there in the assignment. Can the media albums have the same feature to just open a camera right in the media album to take a picture? Instead of having find their camera, save it on their computer, and find the picture to upload it.


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    Yes, including the ability to create a photo, audio, or video file in media albums would be great for all ages and could perhaps function a little more like Flipgrid for commenting on each other's creations. Being able to grade in the Media Album would also be helpful.

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