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Grading Assessments


Currently, when students take assessments, I have to click into the assessment to find ones that have been submitted and need to be graded.  Can't they appear in the Reminders area with all assignments that need to be graded.  It's too easy to miss ones not submitted with all assessments on the date taken.  I know they show up as notifications under the little bell on the top right, but we are getting too many notifications a day with completed work etc.



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    Jon Reker

    It used to be this way but for some reason it got changed and I agree, when I have a kid working asynchronous and make a submission I want it to show up to tell me when I need to grade it

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    Tiffany Beck

    Yes, please fix! Reminders are given with the Test/Quiz. I don't understand why they aren't included for Assessments.

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