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Request for Mass Public Technical Issues Update Feature

To Schoology admin,
I know I speak for many teachers when I ask that you use your twitter page ( or a message to everyone through the Schoology site to keep us up to date on issues your site is experiencing. Yes, we realize that you have a technical status page ( and that some of the issues are likely on the onus of our districts or schools, but the status site did not represent the issues many of us had (or still have) and so many posts are appearing on our Teaching with Schoology Facebook site that troubles us. We want to focus on academic solutions to support students’ learning. Please show grace, understanding, and transparency by making our concerns appear to be important to you. It would go a long way by using Twitter, the Schoology site itself, or even our Teaching with Schoology Facebook page to let us know the problem, how it may be currently affecting us, and how you are working to fix the problem! Thanks for reading this!
Your Dedicated Schoology Teachers


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