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App needs to mark assignments as "submitted" in the upcoming assignment list


The website shows if an assignment has been submitted but the app does not unless a student opens each individual assignment and clicks on "submissions" so it's hard to tell what assignments haven't been submitted. As a teacher, I only use the website so I didn't notice this until my daughter started using Schoology. It is a PAIN to see what is done and what isn't, and really easy to miss something.

PLEASE add a check mark or the word "submitted" under each assignment that is done, or take it off the upcoming list once it has been submitted. Additionally, a list of missing assignments would be helpful for students to see alongside the "upcoming" list in the Schoology app.

This comment is for the app only, as the website version has this already.


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    Erin Logan

    Yes, PLEASE take assignments off the list on the side when they are complete. I have 2 students and it looks like no work is done when you log onto Schoology and look at the upcoming items due. I have 1 student that had 26 items listed in 1 week for her 6 classes! Very hard to see what has been done or what needs to be done. My student is very frustrated as it lists everything with no distinction on what has been already submitted. 

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