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What if the text editor in Assignments or Pages reflected what the page will really look like when published?


This is a profoundly clunky editor, despite the features and the ability to go into html.The features are useful, but more aggravating than working in Word (though it mimics the "feature" where you delete or backspace and suddenly an entire page's format changes.


For starters, what you see is not what you get. So what if the editor window accurately reflected what the page will look like when you click Save?

Images wouldn't shift in size or location. 

Text wouldn't move around the page.

Random forced spaces wouldn't be inserted for no defensible reason.

I waste more time having to adjust things because what I get is so dramatically different from what I saw in the editor. 


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    Melissa Rains

    I second this!!  YES PLEASE!!

    Let's add...if you insert a link...make it look like a link. (Blue, Bold, Underline)

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