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Showing Whether Assignments are Complete


I think it would be helpful for students if there was some indication on the dashboard "upcoming" view when an assignment is complete. Either remove it from upcoming, put it in a new category called "completed", or place a checkmark or other indication on the assignment. Currently, in order to make sure we have finished everything and submitted properly, we have to click on each assignment and check whether it is submitted, and same for quizzes/tests/assessments. This can be time-consuming and difficult when students have a ton of assignments, and I am constantly worried that I missed something.

For submission assignments, it could check if anything was submitted, and same with google doc assignments. For tests/quizzes, it could check whether it has been completed. Some assignments don't require any submission, which I also think should be marked on the dashboard (maybe a symbol or word in the corner saying "no submission needed")

Overall I think this is a very positive change and a simple improvement that will have quite a good impact for how small it is. I do not know how hard this is to create, but please include this feature. I know it would really help me and I think other students feel similarly.



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    Beth Hicks

    NIr! I agree with this wholeheartedly! It is easy for students to lose track of assignments because there are so many places to look for them! A place to check them off as complete and then have an up to date running list of outstanding assignments would be extremely helpfu!

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    Stephen Jones

    Hey all,

    I’ve been looking through the feature requests for this for a bit now and there are tons of separate requests asking for the same thing. The best way to get this to happen is to all support the post with the most upvotes (linked here). We need to prove to Schoology devs that this is something everyone wants + is therefore worth their time!

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