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Grade view - need one view of all courses' grades and ability to sort


When I click on "Grades" -> "Grade Report", I see a list of courses without grades. I have to click on each course and scroll to the bottom to see the grade, and that's cumbersome to do for each course. I'd like to be able to see a grade summary for all courses in one view, without having to click on each course. I'd also like to be able to see a date next to each course that indicates the last time the grade was updated, so that I know how stale the grade is.

In this same grade report, I'd like the ability to sort by date due, date assigned, grade, course name, zeros on assignments. Please allow sorting of each of those features independently of each other. The sorted view should show all the same info as before for each assignment: course name, date due, date assigned, grade, points. In other words, don't just show the feature that is used to sort, as that would result in a confusing output.



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