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Updates not posting

I tried to add my class notes to the updates pages of all of my classes and the posts are not posting. They say posted, but then when i return to the page, they are gone. I've typed the updates about 6 times already with files uploaded. This is very frustrating. Is the system down?


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    Nina Lewis Official comment

    Hi all,

    Our team has confirmed that this is being investigated as a critical issue. That means our Engineering team will be working on this issue 24/7 until a resolution has been reached. We’ll update you via this thread as soon as it’s resolved.


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

    Schoology | A PowerSchool Unified Classroom Product

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    Mint Litticharoenporn

    My teachers and I have the same the problem. As of September 1 morning (Tokyo time) the updates are visible, but updates posted in the afternoon is not visible. We can see notifications on our phone, but not when we look at the feed updates on both phone and PC.

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    Mr. T.

    Hi Schoology team,

    We are also experiencing the same issues here for both Groups & Course groups, and our Parents and teachers are getting worried.

    I hope it is getting resolved fast.

     Hope we get feedback soon. Thanks 

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    Mrs. Mann

    As of 9/9, I am having the same issue.  CANNOT POST UPDATES on the updates page.  Students returning in a few days and I cannot post any announcements to the class, this needs to be addressed ASAP!!!

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    Mr. IRICK

    I am having the same issue I have tested this with students in the computer lab. Faculty that join my courses are able to see my posts but students in the same course only see "no posts". 

    The dev posted on September 2nd that this issue was being worked is now the 17th and the issue is clearly not fixed. Progress?

    I will be trying to split time between in person learners and virtual learners in one week and I need this functionality now.

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    Andrew Rutz

    We have teachers in our district with the same issues today on the 17th, is there any updates from Schoology on this "critical" issue?

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    Janet Desenzo (23001752)

    This is beyond a critical issue - UPDATES is a core function of Schoology for us. Students have been taught to check their updates daily for the day's assignments. As of today, some of our teacher's have lost 2 weeks worth of posted updates (classwork assignments.)  Our teachers are pressuring our IT department to open Google Classroom back up. We need a solution here.

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    Kristen Wojtkowiak

    Having the same problem here. Students can't see the updates. Fortunately, I still can so I didn't lose them. We just rolled out Schoology. All of these bugs are really frustrating teachers, students, and parents. 

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    Katie Nelson

    The problem was resolved and now teachers are experiencing the same issues again with students unable to see updates.  However, if the students are unenrolled in the courses and put back in, they will start seeing the updates.  It is a very strange issue with a time-consuming workaround.  Is anyone else still having issues?

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