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No password


Hi, we are a new family.  I have received the username and password for one of my students to log on to schoology.  I have not for the other; just the snaplink. I was able to use the snaplink so that I can view his schoology assignments and grades, but I don't have a way for him to log in on his own device to the portal. 

The email letter that I received along with his class schedule only had the user name address, and where my other child's said his password, the one child's said, "contact the school."

I did send an email to his assigned school counselor, but have as of yet, to hear back.

I need to be at an in-person orientation for *another* child at 8:30, and  so am not available to assist my child on his first day at his new school.  Does anyone have suggestions, please?



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