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Schoology Teacher not getting assignment


So, I submitted an assignment awhile back and my teacher did not receive it, however, on my end, it said that it was submitted. Can someone explain if this was a schoology bug?



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    Nina Rivera Official comment


    Hello Karl,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    Is it possible you submitted a different assignment or a duplicate assignment?

    If you still cannot locate the assignment, can you please reach out to your course admin and have her submit a ticket to the Schoology Help Desk for further assistance.



    Nina Lewis 

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    Samantha Kerr


    I am a teacher and have had upwards of 15 students report this same issue. Some are getting very frustrated, and so are their parents, who have witnessed the student turning the assignment in, but I don't receive it on my end. I don't want my students to have to continue to re-do assignments because they are disappearing somewhere between their turning it in and my end receiving it. This seems like it has been a repeat issue over time for others, and when I tried to submit a request for help, it was tagged "solved" immediately, so I have no clue if I have anyone ready to help on that end. If helpful, my request number is #397284. Please help my students and me get this handled.

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    Debbie Sokol


    I'm a parent.  This continues to be a problem for my student who is submitting assignments in Schoology and the teacher is marking them as missing.  My son can still go into Schoology and see it is 'submitted' but the teacher says they don't have it.  My son has had to redo many assignments.  What is Schoology doing to fix this issue and make all schools and teachers aware of this issue?  My son's grade is suffering as a result of this because the school does not believe this is a Schoology issue.  It seems that my son is not the only one experiencing it.

    Schoology, Please proactively reach out to the schools that use Schoology and tell them how to recover these assignments.  If recovering the assignments is not possible, urge the schools to provide flexibility to students who have experienced this software issue.

    Thank you -



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