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When you make changes in one class you should be able to select other classes that you want to have that same change made.

Assign a due date when assigning the work instead of having to go back and do it through gradebook later.
When a change is made in resources, it should update the resources that have been assigned as well.
When a score is synced to PowerSchool, it should not remove the icons put in by the teacher.


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    Jessica Woodward

    I agree with your first and 3rd statements.  When having multiple preps of the same course, it would be time-saving to make one change that synced across courses. 

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    Megan McBride

    I agree.  This is is such a pain, when I realize there is an error in a test.   With 7 classes, it takes about 10 minutes of uninterrupted time to fix this problem.  

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