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Set All Grades — Exclude Exceptions / Graded Cells


When setting all grades for an assignment, it would be beneficial to have checkboxes in the "Set All Grades" dialogue box allowing instructors to set grades that can 1) Exclude Exceptions that have already been assigned, and 2) Exclude Already Graded Cells.

In the current system, I have no easy way to assign a grade or exception first, then apply a bulk-grade (set all grades) for remaining students after the first grade(s) or exception(s) have already been entered.

  • Example: My class regularly uses discussions to engage students and elicit prior information before getting into a lesson. As long as the student has provided thoughtful commentary on the prompt, they receive full credit. In this scenario, it is easier for me to quickly browse comments and weed out the few incomplete or missing discussion posts and grade those first, then apply full credit grade to the remaining students.

    A Set All Grade — "Exclude Exceptions" and "Exclude Empty Cells" checkbox would allow me to mark partial credit, incomplete, and missing assignments in the gradebook first, then apply a grade for all remaining students that submit after the first few have been graded.

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    Takeshi Kaneko

    I wholeheartedly concur.  This feature could be SOOOO much better with that little tweak, and shouldn't require that much new code.  Knowing Schoology's record on responding to feature requests, I wouldn't hold my breath, if I were you.  ._.  They seem to be so focused on stuff that I don't want or use, there doesn't seem to be time to address things we actually could use EVERYday.

    @Schoology Are you reading this?

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