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Workload Planning for Calendar Events


Teachers should be able to have events they add still show up on Workload Planning.  For example, if a teacher is giving a pencil and paper test, or has a field trip or guest speaker, it would be great for other teachers to see when that event is occurring.  Currently, the only things that show up on Workload Planning are digital assignments living in Schoology. 



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    Amy R.

    We have just started using the Workload Planning in our Advisory Classes to assist teachers in guiding students on upcoming work that should be completed during this time.  We have some teachers using Schoology for everything and some that are now just entering items for workload planning.  This exact request was brought up at our faculty meeting yesterday.

    We would love to see this implemented as well!

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    Ms. Willats

    It would also be *great* if assignments could be leveled - ie, regular HW doesn't need to be a factor in workload planning, but major projects/assessments could be factored in. Since I put every assignment in (CW and HW), it overwhelms the workload planning.

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