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This year is 1st time when we use schoology in our school and there so many question we need to be answered. 

Once you labeled missing or excused work with yellow or green pentagon you can't add the work if students submit late do do other work instead the system does not allow you to remove those symbols. so I wonder know if any one has answer? 

2. attendance also marks when student joins the school during any time of the school.  so when you generate the roprt shows the student is in school for the whole year even if the student joins the school at the end of the year. everything will marked by the system.



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    Claire de Lacy Official comment

    Hi Mr. Kedir,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    If a student submits on an item with an exception, the exception is removed once you enter a grade. Alternatively, you can also remove an exception by clicking on the exception icon in the gradebook cell, and deselect the exception from the menu.

    You can find out more about exceptions here: How Do I Use Exceptions in my Gradebook?

    Thank you for your feedback on the attendance feature. You might wish to mark the student as absent and add a comment that they joined at the end of the year. I would also encourage you to post this feedback in our Community Feature Ideas Forum and include more detail to help us better understand your goal. Feature ideas posted here can be upvoted by the community and it helps our Product team to gather feedback for this feature to consider for future updates.


    Claire de Lacy
    Senior Knowledge Management Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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