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When grading an assessment by question...


So I love the feature that allows grading assessments by question instead of by student.  It saves a ton of time because rather than having to scroll through a student's test to find the questions that need to be graded it takes you right to them.  That said, I'm having a little trouble with the feature.  When I'm grading my students test, I click on the rubric to grade the question and my screen gets moved to another students answer that is not near the student I'm trying to grade, I then have to scroll through my whole list of students to find the student I'm grading.  Is there a way to get it to stay on the student I'm grading when I click the rubric so that I don't have to scroll to find them again each time I click the rubric? Or is there a way that I can just enter a score without clicking the rubric, so that it doesn't take me to another part of my class list?



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