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Missing Work Reminders


I would love to send out a mass reminder to students with a missing assignments to complete it!

The current options from gradebook options include: 


Mark Excused

Mark Incomplete

Mark Missing

How about adding one like "reminder/late notice" and have it send a message of the assignment needing completion.



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    Jessica Woodward

    This would be extremely helpful!

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    Amber Robichaud


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    Judith Hoffman

    YES! YES! YES!

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    Madame Moore

    I am thinking from the Gradebook 3-dot menu add an option to "Send Missing Assignments List/Report" to...with options to selected students/all students/parents/all. And if a student does not have any assignments marked missing, they get a congratulatory message about how wonderful they are for keeping up with their work. 

    To make it better, the teacher could set it up to automatically send on specified dates/time base on when they have their Gradebook updated.

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    Mrs. Roberts

    That would be extremely helpful!

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    Laura Miley

    This would be great! Some students just give up when they see the assignment go in as Missing. This would be an awesome way to provide consistency within a school house as to expectations!!

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    Mr. Jeffers

    I'm coming over from Canvas, and this is one of the biggest things I miss in the Schoology gradebook right now. Canvas had a "Message Students Who" section and you could filter from four options in which I've listed below. Any chance Schoology will actually develop a feature like this?


    From Canvas help...

    You can use the Gradebook to send messages to your students. This lesson describes how to message students using the Message Students Who option. You can also message students individually in the Gradebook by using the student context card.

    Message subjects are filtered based on specific assignment categories:

    Haven't submitted yet—students who haven't submitted the assignment, even if they have been manually awarded a grade.
    Haven't been graded—students whose assignments have not yet been graded (submitted or unsubmitted).
    Scored less than [point value]—students who earned a grade on their assignment less than X number of points.
    Scored more than [point value]—students who earned a grade on their assignment more than X number of points.
    Although one message most likely will be sent to multiple students at the same time, each student will receive an individual message.

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