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We have been using folders with dates as a way to show long term assignments/projects on the class calendar.  Teachers post a folder with all the necessary materials for the project in the folder, along with an assignment with the due date where they can turn in their work.  This works really well online because the folder creates a long bar on the calendar, reminding students to work on the project every night without having to post an assignment every day.  

Our problem is that in the app, long term events and folders do not show up the same way, so students who prefer to work at home from the app are missing that reminder. 

Does anyone have a solution for long term assignments that works well?


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    Yimei Shao Official comment

    Hi Lisa, 

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    The "long bar" in the webview calendar is most likely due to the calendar tracking folder availability dates in addition to individual material due dates. The mobile apps currently do not have this additional functionality. 

    If you would like to receive feedback and suggestions from other educators, I would recommend asking in one of our Public Groups for educators. These groups are open to Schoology educators around the world. You can join the Public Groups by clicking Groups in the header of your Schoology account > My Groups in the dashboard > the Public Groups tab. 

    Additionally, you can consider submitting this as a feature request in our Feature Ideas forum


    Yimei Shao
    Knowledge Management Associate
    Schoology, Inc.

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