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Google Drive Assignments feature request: Comment Bank


Google Classroom offers teachers a Comment Bank so that when they are adding comments to a student's document, they can save frequently-used comments and then easily choose from that comment bank without having to type out each comment each time.

It would be great if this feature could be added to Schoology's Google Drive Assignments.



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    Penny Giehl

    Agreed - it was extremely helpful to have a comment bank to choose from when going through student papers. Often the same type of issue crops up, so to have a bank of comments at the ready, made feedback quicker. It also saves from having to copy/paste from a sticky note. 

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    Sarah Dyer

    I agree. This is one of the features I used the most and miss. It helped me remain consistent between students, and it helped me be efficient in marking.

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    Janet Lundin

    Agree - I really need a comment bank to provide feedback in Schoology.

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    Emily Wright

    Yes, please!  Comment bank!  We need this to streamline our feedback process to students. 

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    Tamara Hilliard

    Schoology feels like the best LMS option I've seen yet (and that comes from the Moodle Queen), but this comment bank feature NEEDS to happen. It's the only thing Google Classroom does better. Are you going to let that stand?

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