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Allow us to sort notifications by class or section.


I am linked with 4 other teachers in 16 different course/sections that we co-teach and grade together. I get 100+ alerts each school day as every time any student in any of those courses submits an assignment, I get notified. I need a way to quickly view the notifications per section or course so I can screen the notifications more easily. We can sort by "type" of notification, but not by course or section. Please add this feature.



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    Nadjib Aktouf

    I agree with this feature idea. I would like to add to it:

    Most of our faculty teach multiple sections of the same course with other teachers and their classes meet separately and at different times. On Schoology we usually to link to each other's sections. It would be very useful for teachers to have the ability to manage notification preferences by section. This would allow teachers to focus on assignment submissions from the sections that they meet with and not necessarily multiple others.

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    Mike Boodey



    I agree with the above.  Also, related, could we please turn off notifications teachers receive when a student edits a document a teacher has created?  I am flooded with these notifications everyday.  Oddly, the reverse is not true.  Students are not receiving a notification when I add a comment to their documents.  

    Thank you!


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    Penny Giehl

    Hello - As to Mike's second point about too many student notifications and NO notifications TO my students from me on their documents - this is a shared concern!! 

    My inbox, too, is flooded with notifications from students when they make any changes at all on their documents - yet when I leave a comment/ feedback for them to make note of, they are not receiving any notifications at all.

    That's counterintuitive! They need to know about the feedback I am leaving for them so that they can make any adjustments prior to submitting their writing!  Makes no sense to me at all...hopefully just an oversight on my part, some button I didn't select or something...



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    Shawn Basoglu

    I agree with the above. 

    Please make it so we can filter our notifications. Many teachers are admins in other teachers' classes. And we don't want to get notifications from students that are not our own students.

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    Professor SAN MIGUEL

    Any updates on this? We have absolutely no control over any notification settings on Schoology still. We get alerts for things we don't want to be alerted about, and all alerts are grouped in a mass list with no way of sorting it by class or section. 

    As Penny mentioned, there are updates we post to our students that often times aren't communicated to them. For example, I post a course update, but about 1/2 of my students don't even receive the alert they got an update! I found that those same students don't get other updates I post either.

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    Miss O'NEIL

    Being able to sort notifications by class or student would make life much easier.  Sometimes I just want to check on what one student has turned in.  It would be so much easier if there was a sort feature in notifications.  I know that I can look elsewhere to look for which assignment has been submitted, but it would be nice to have that option here as well.

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    Carol Potash

    And being notified when a co-teacher wants to delete a section!!! They do it all the time and delete all of the assignments for the other teachers!! Very frustrated. They should not be able to delete it unless all of the teachers of that section approve somehow.

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