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Publish/Unpublish Multiple Items


It is really inefficient to have to publish or unpublish individual items within folders rather than being able to select multiple item. I am not talking about in the gradebook where you can use batch edit, I am talking about folders and items in folders that you only want students to be able to access at a future point. When a folder with many items is imported into a class you have to select one item, then unpublish, then select the next item, etc.



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    Mary Arnold

    I have several teachers that have requested the same thing.  Currently you have to unpub or pub one at a time. would love to see this product enhancement.


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    Oscar Huber

    Is Schoology considering making this change? I lose countless hours unpublishing individual items every time I import a folder into my course. Can someone from the Schoology team address this issue?


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    Erin Motley

    I agree. I’m trying to clean up my course for distance learning and it’d help to be able to unpublish old folders all at one time 

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    Alyssa Palmer

    I agree as well. Could a menu with a select option be added to the top of each course's Materials folder to allow selecting any number of items to publish or unpublish at one time, please?

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