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Assigning more than one Google file per Schoology Assignment


Please allow the ability to add more than one Google file to an assignment when using the feature to create a copy for each student. Currently the only work around is to create a separate assignment for each part or document.



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    Nadjib Aktouf

    Agreed! Our current workarounds involve using tools outside Schoology. Having this feature integrated in Schoology would be great help.

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    Colin Bridgewater

    Here's an example of why teachers might want to attach more than one GoogleDoc to an Assignment using the Google Drive Assignments option. Sometimes teachers will want to attach one GoogleDoc for the actual assignment for each student to complete, but then attach a second GoogleDoc which is a reflection or a rubric for the students to be able to self-assess what they've done. 

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    Lorraine Davis

    As a music teacher, I'd love to be able to have students upload a video AND their reflection on their work.

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