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Marking essay type question with stylus on PC is not smooth


I have a wacom stylus and use it on marking essay type questions in schoology.  The writing is not smooth and the handwriting is like zigzag lines.  I hope it can support stylus on PC as on iPad.  Thanks



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    Chris Gatt

    I completely agree. I have a Microsoft Surface, and similar devices are becoming increasingly popular. Having iPad-style inking would be so helpful!

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    Ms. McKay

    This is a major issue for classroom teachers who want to grade papers with inking. The number of clicks it takes to use the current interface for highlighting, inserting comments, etc. is a problem.  Most of my teachers who grade essays either print them or download and grade in Word. Many have now gone to having students just email them the assignment, rather than submitting through Schoology.  This is an area of improvement that would greatly benefit teachers.

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