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Please keep the Quiz feature, the assessment replacement is very limiting


Can someone explain why the quiz feature is being closed down and replaced with the assessment tool which has the stated limits below:

  • All assessment attempts are resumable and allow students to review answers before submitting.
  • All assessments display one question per page. If a test/quiz with page breaks is converted to an assessment, those page breaks will be removed on the assessment.
  • Assessments do not support language keyboards. If a test/quiz with a language keyboard is converted to an assessment, the assessment will not have a language keyboard.
  • Assessments do not support unlimited attempts. If a test/quiz with unlimited attempts is converted to an assessment, the assessment will be set to 20 attempts.
  • If a test/quiz contains a set of random questions from a question bank, those questions are not included on the converted assessment.


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    Yimei Shao Official comment

    Hi Christopher, 

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community! 

    Schoology encourages instructors to utilize Course Assessments as we continuously add more features. While the long-term plan for Schoology is to enhance Course Assessments and phase out the Test/Quiz feature, we want to ensure a seamless transition for everyone using our original testing feature.

    In the meantime, here are a few workarounds you might find helpful:

    How to prevent students from resuming an Assessment

    You may find that using these strategies in combination yields the best results for your assessment needs:

    • If you aren't delivering the assessment in a classroom setting, you can set the assessment to have Submissions Enabled within a certain time frame (this is available in the Assessment Edit window). Therefore, students lose access after a certain time period or testing window.
    • If you are delivering the assessment in a classroom, you can set a password for the assessment (this is also available in the Assessment Edit window). Give out the password to the students in the classroom at the time, then change the password at the end of the class.
    • Also within a classroom setting, you can Unpublish the assessment at the end of class or test window (this is also available in the Assessment Edit window and can also be managed in Bulk Edit of the Gradebook). Keep in mind, this will also prevent those students who did submit from seeing their scores if it was an auto-scored test (no subjective questions).
    • A perhaps more flexible option would be to set a time limit for an assessment (this is available in Assessment Setup). At the end of the time limit, the student will be forced to submit. You may also use this option in conjunction with Enable/Disable Submissions.
    • If it's available for your organization, you may want to use Schoology's Respondus LockDown Browser app integration. This prevents students from navigating away from the testing window before they submit the assessment. If your organization does not have Respondus LockDown Browser, you may want to reach out to your System Administrator about whether this would be a beneficial tool for your organization.

    Please note:

    • If you are present in the room when they're taking the assessment, remind students submit the assessment at the end of the test window.
    • If students forget to submit, navigate away from the assessment, or run out of time, the assessment will not be resumable. You can then force-submit the assessment for them from the Attempts tab.

    Question Banks & the development of Assessments

    At this time, we have decided to take Question Banks for Assessments out of the research and planning stage of our development process. Don’t worry - that doesn’t mean we are not going to implement Question Banks for Assessments - we just aren’t working on it right now. We understand how integral question banks are to any testing experience, and we’ll be implementing Question Banks for Assessments before the Test/Quiz is retired.

    The Product Roadmap is meant to be a snapshot of what we are actively working on at a given point in time - but like everything else in life, even the best-laid plans are subject to change. Since the research and planning for Question Banks for Assessments is on-hold, we wanted to remove it from the Product Roadmap so users are not confused about what Schoology is currently developing. That is the ultimate purpose of having a public roadmap - keeping our users up-to-date on what our team is working on right now.

    Since there are several features that we want to add to Course Assessments before retiring Test/Quiz, we recommend that you click Follow on each section of the Product Roadmap to stay up to date on other key features we're currently building:

    Community Forums

    You may also want to support the specific Feature Idea for language keyboards for Assessments. You can do so by providing an upvote and/or comment for this pre-existing Feature Idea post: Foreign Language Keyboards.

    I'll be moving this post to our Instructor Q&A community forum to help teachers who are looking for the same information. Please see this article if you're interested in submitting a Feature Idea: Welcome to Schoology Feature Ideas! 

    I hope this answers your questions! 


    Yimei Shao
    Knowledge Management Associate
    Schoology, Inc.

    Edited by Yimei Shao
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