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Analytics in Groups


As high school librarians, we use groups to provide info to our students rather than courses.  I'm amazed at what analytics are available in courses.  It would be awesome if these same analytics were available in groups.  It would help inform our practices.




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    Dr. Warren

    Hi, Janet and Schoology Community!

    Our district is moving to Schoology for the upcoming school year (20-21) whatever may happen. I am struggling with HOW to use Schoology for my middle school media center website, resources, etc. We are transitioning from Blackboard. I would love to see an example of how someone is successfully doing this! Recommendations?

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Becky Warren

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    Janet Mees-Reinert

    Following up on my comment last year:  Actually the analytics now available in Courses is much less robust.  I'm really disappointed with this.

    However, Schoology has been helpful for delivery of resources for our students.  It took us a while to wrap our head around thinking of our website as our communication outlet with the public and Schoology as our communication outlet within our building.  For database passwords, book-talks, how-to videos, library scheduling, and more, we direct students and staff to our Library Schoology Course.  (We tried Groups at first, but found that teachers and students primarily function in Courses.) This year we are creating a Library course that has all staff and students as members.   We house resources in different folders and actively work to train our students and staff to go there. 

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