Feature Ideas

Expand the access to the rich text editor for students.


Currently the rich text editor can only be used by students in the short answer/essay responses. This is too limiting. We, as teachers, need students to be able to access the rich text editor in other areas.

I am specifically requesting the access of the rich text editor for access to math symbols when students respond to fill in the blanks. I create daily warm ups using the test/quiz option. I then choose the fill-in-the blank type questions. I can present a word problem or an equation that students can solve, enter their answer in the fill in the blank section and then when the quiz is submitted, the program shows them their answer and what the answer should have been if it's wrong. Right now we are doing quadratic equations with Algebra. I can easily create a quadratic equation for them using the rich text editor on my side. But when students are responding there is no way for them to add a radical or the plus/minus sign. Even my 7th graders who are currently learning inequalities can type < or > but there's not access to greater than/equal to or less than/equal to. We need the ability for the program to see their answer and tell them what the answer should have been right away. There's not always time to review the correct answers with them every time. Leaving an answer key accessible would defeat the purpose and cause switching between screens. The simple answer is just add the rich text editor for student responses in fill in the blanks for test/quiz and for assessments. Thank you!



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