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I have teachers who are using the Google Assignment feature of Schoology and they really seem to like it.   However,  students who have submitted assignments are still able to add suggestions to the document.  Although they are suggestions and I can see that, a lot of my teachers are concerned that the students are editing the document.  It does seemed to look like it too if you are not super comfortable with the settings.  I have explained the process and the way to tell the difference, but both they and I think it is discouraging to be required to edit each document prior to grading.  The digital submissions etc is supposed to streamline the process rather than add steps.  Is there a way to restrict the students to only view the document and the teacher comments?  Right now after submission the students have the ability to add suggestions.  


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    Claire de Lacy Official comment

    Hi Dean,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    The Google Drive Assignments integration is set up to allow students to comment/suggest edits on their submissions to account for instances where instructors have submitted feedback via comments on the Google doc. Based on Google's sharing permissions, when students have "View Only" access, the instructor comments are not visible to students. By giving students "suggestion mode" access, students are able to view instructor feedback and propose new edits in the doc based on that feedback.

    If this causes confusion for instructors while grading submissions, the instructor does not need to change the sharing permissions on the doc. Instead, they can use the Viewing mode within the Submissions tab to view the submitted version of the doc and hide any subsequent student suggestions:

    I hope this clarifies things.


    Claire de Lacy
    Knowledge Management Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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