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I just received the ability to create assessments with the better assessment maker marked with a blue puzzle piece. I love a lot about it, but there are 5 things that were available with the original assessment maker and not with this one. I would love to see these features added to make the functionality better.

1. If the students are taking the assessment inside of a folder with another assessment or assignment after it, they can no longer use the PREV or NEXT buttons at the top. They have to leave the assessment and go back to the folder and click on the next item to move on. This becomes tedious when they are just trying to work through a folder in order, especially a student completion folder.

2. When building the assessment, teachers cannot use the PREV or NEXT buttons to move to through a folder. In addition to that, the location address that shows what folder you are in like: MATH 8: Section 7-1,2 -> Assessments ->  Tests is missing the last part of it so you can't even click on the address link to go back to the folder you created the assessment in. In the above example, I was in the Object Transformations assessment which was located in the Test 6.2 folder; the assessment address should look like this: MATH 8: Section 7-1,2 -> Assessments ->  Tests -> Test 6.2 -> Object Transformations

3. It would be helpful to see is the ability to view the completed assessment results by question. You could in the original version, however, now you can only view the assessment by individual student submissions. This makes score subjective questions consistently more challenging.

4. It would be helpful if students could use the Math Keyboards (like Algebra) in the fill-in-the-blank questions. This would make scoring more efficient.

5. You can no longer post comments to the score of a problem. This prevents me from providing feedback at times when needed.

Thanks for your help with these items and your continual improvements to Schoology. It is a fantastic LMS.


Jeff Bateman



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback in the community!

    We have just a few guidelines for Feature Ideas to help organize and streamline Feature Ideas. We would greatly appreciate it if you can create ONE post per idea that you would like to recommend. This allows others in the community to more easily locate a specific idea in order to support it with an upvote, and also helps the Schoology Team by consolidating and tracking support for individual features and consider those ideas as we plan for our Product Roadmap.

    To that end, we recommend searching to see if others have already posted the same idea so that you can provide upvotes to those posts prior to creating a new one. Here are a few that you can upvote now to show your support:

    Thanks once again for your sharing your feedback and ideas, we're excited to see more!

    - Charles, Schoology Team

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    Yimei Shao

    Hi Jeffrey, 

    I’m pleased to announce that the third item on your list, Grade by Question, is now available for Course Assessments and Managed Assessments (AMP)! Instructors can view all student responses to a single question in one place and view the average score on each question across the course. You can find out more information here: Grade by Question.

    Thank you for your understanding and excitement while we worked to add this feature to Schoology!

    For other updates to Assessments, you can follow our Product Roadmap. In order to follow the progress of items on our roadmap, click Follow on each section of the roadmap:


    Yimei Shao
    Knowledge Management Associate
    Schoology, Inc.

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