Feature Ideas

Make it obvious which profile picture belongs to the submission your viewing.


On the screen I'll call the 'view submission' screen (the one that comes up when you are using the web browser to grade things and you click on someones assignment to view and grade), at the bottom of the screen the profile pcitures of the students who have submission are displayed in one long line. I can tell if I look very closely that there is a box around the profile picture of the student in question, but its very thin and often blends into the profile picture.  Is it possible to make that a nice bold box so that it is easily seen?

Here's a picture of what I'm talking about:

I can't even tell right now which picture has the box around it...

Here's what I would prefer to see:

Any color would do, except red or yellow.  I wear tinted contacts that make everything look red which makes it hard to see red and yellow (and pink and orange too)...



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