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When I try to download all files, it will only download a few of the files from one of my classes.  How can I download all of them?  Also it takes quite a bit of time to grade the uploads due to preview times online.  Is there a way to speed that up? 


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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Mr. Miller,

    The Download All feature within an Assignment is designed to download submissions of the specific assignment within the course, it is not designed to download submissions from across multiple courses.

    If there are submissions in the Assignment that are not included in the package when using Download All, please let us know so that we can take a closer look.

    Here are a few possible causes for slow loading within an Assignment document viewer:

    • - The size of the file that was submitted is large.
    • - The speed of your local network connection to the Internet is slow.

    Large image files for example, will take longer to load within the document viewer, especially over WiFi or a slow connection to the Internet. 

    Thanks for posting your questions, very happy to look into these issues in more detail.

    - Charles, Schoology Team

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