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Change Student Name(s) in Schoology


I have 4 students whose names are not input correctly in Schoology.  I (instructor) would like them changed.  The student(s) have tried to change them and don't seem to be able to.  They look like this in members list?

Katherine does not have an "L" in her name

Max does not have an "L" in his name but changed his first name to Max Darling (it will not let him change his last name)

Quentin's name is Quentin Gomez, no "L" but he is unable to change his name

Mason's name is Mason Gill, no "L" but he is unable to change his name.

When I try to grade they look like everyone's last name is "L"

Help!  Thanks!

I sent a help request 2 days ago and never received an answer.


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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Mrs. Lind,

    When students appear with abbreviated names, this indicates that they are associated with a school other than your own. Adhering to privacy laws, Schoology Basic users are limited from viewing any sensitive student information, including full name, outside of their own school.

    If these student accounts should be associated with your school, students can change their school association by creating a new account using an Access Code that you provide, then merging their old account into the new one. The link to the merging article provides full details that should be considered prior to merging accounts:

    Thank you for posting your question and for participating in the community!

    - Charles, Schoology Team

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