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The new assessment feature does not give immediate feedback to students. They have to wait a little bit and "check back later" where I wish it would just show them their score immediately. Also the teacher cannot view the results from the iPad - this is a huge time waster because then I have to wait to check on my laptop rather than giving immediate feedback. I'm a health and PE teacher so my iPad is my go to in the gymnasium.


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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Mrs. Jones,

    Thank you for sharing your ideas here in the community.

    It would help both Schoology and the community if, per the Feature Ideas Guidelines, you can break your individual ideas into their own separate Feature Idea posts. 

    In doing so, you will help others to more quickly and effectively locate your ideas and also allow them to vote for each of your ideas individually. This will also help the Schoology Team more easily visualize and record the support for each of your ideas as we plan our Product Roadmap.

    Thank you for your cooperation and participation in the community!

    - Charles, Schoology Team 

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