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Intervention Reports for Administrators - D/F Reports, Missing Assignments,


Dear Schoology,

It is 2019 and as an administrator I am unable to do many things on your Schoology app.

It would be very very very very helpful if you could add the following features. I see some of these requests date back to 2014. Is anyone reading or taking note on these in New York? 

Please add the following:

Reports Admin and counselors can pull up to see:

  • How many and which students are getting below a 70% (while showing which class and which teacher)
  • How many and which students are missing assignments (while showing which class and which teacher)
  • How many teachers have not entered any grades
  • How many students are getting Honor Roll.

This is a good start. 

Thank you,
Fatima Nicdao



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Ms. Nicdao,

    Thanks for sharing your ideas in the community! We are happy to

    In an effort to help keep the community running efficiently and effectively, we have Feature Request Guidelines to help organize and capture feature feedback. 

    Per these guidelines please observe the following:

    • - Before you post, SEARCH to see if someone already posted your idea. If you find your idea already exists, UPVOTE IT! If you want to add onto the idea or provide encouragement, leave a comment on the existing Feature Idea post. If you don't find your idea, POST IT
    • - When creating a Feature Idea, please limit ONE idea per post.

    For example, please provide an upvote and optional comment for this post regarding a failure report: An upvote for existing posts will help consolidate support for a feature that we can use when considering ideas for our Product Roadmap.

    For other ideas that are not already posted, please create one post per idea. This will help other community users to find and upvote your post.

    Thank you for your participation and cooperation in the Schoology Community.

    I'll be moving this post to the Q&A area, so that you can refer to it as needed.

    Thank you!

    - Charles, Schoology Team



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    Ms. Nicdao

    Hi Charles,

    I was looking for topics related to mine and followed and voted up the topic on Missing Assignments report. I did not see anything helpful when I searched "Interventions" "Grade Analytic Reports" or "D and F Reports".


    It seems that Schoology is behind on these intervention features that can help counselors and administrators immensely. 

    I would hope that this update would come soon so that I do not have to look through every student's file one by one to see their grades. It would be helpful to get a query on everyone that is below 70% and see it in one list with their last name, first name, grade in % class name and period, and course instructor. 

    Thank you,
    Ms. Nicdao (there is no extra "a")

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    Charles Black

    Hi Ms. Nicdao (apologies for the misspelling),

    Very happy to hear that you were able to locate and upvote a Feature Idea for Missing Assignments reporting!

    The link that I provided in the previous response: is requesting an export that can filter out failing students. Which would be the equivalent of a D and F report as you've requested. Different schools have different ways of describing features so, we have to take this into account here in the community when searching for posts and possible answers to questions. For example, some call this a report, some call it an export.

    I definitely think it would be worthwhile to post your idea: How many teachers have not entered any grades as its own Feature Idea post, so that others can find it easily, and upvote it here in the community. Just in case, here again are the guidelines for posting Feature Ideas in case you want to refer to them as you post.

    In the meantime, have you or your System Administrator used the Export Gradebook feature to source the data you are looking for? This is a system level gradebook export that can provide all grades across an entire school or all grades for an individual student across courses. This export can then be sorted to identify specific levels, such as the D and F reports or Honor Roll you mentioned, depending on those grade thresholds. This feature is available via Tools > School Management > Export > Gradebook tab. Access to this export would be something you can discuss with your Support Contact at your school.

    Looking forward to more of your ideas! Your participation in the community is appreciated!

    - Charles, Schoology Team




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    Ms. Nicdao

    Thanks Charles.

    However, there is a glitch in the Export gradebook. Maybe it's user error but maybe you can help.


    I did everything you put and selected all the info I needed. However it is TOO Much information! I only need the overall grade, However it is giving me EVERY single assignment. I only need the "OVERALL" Grade. I have provided a screenshot below. Looks like ALL grades are showing. I just need the Overall.




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