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Posting to a Course from Resources


I would like to be able to post to multiple courses from resources with the same settings for each course. Right now I have to click all of the features for each course AND it still posts it "disabled for submissions" when I would rather it automatically accept submissions. I teach K-6 Health and PE so I have multiple sections (classes) of the same course.


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    Hi Mrs. Jones!

    When copying assignments from Resources, you have the opportunity to adjust the settings for each course section since each section can have different grade settings, like: Grading Period, Grade Category, Due Dates etc. 

    Additionally, the Enable Submissions checkbox is checked by default for all sections, when copying assignments from resources to courses (Gear Icon > Add to Courses)

    Also, since you have multiple sections of the same course, you might consider trying out Linked Sections, if you have not already. Linked sections allow you as the Instructor to manage one set of 'Master' content for multiple sections. This Help Article provides full details: 

    Note: We do not recommend linking sections in the middle of the school term. Please discuss section linking with your Support Contact before trying Section Linking on your own. Click the Support link at the bottom of Schoology to reach out to your Support Contacts.

    I hope this information helps you manage content in your courses more effectively, please let us know if you have any other questions!

    - Charles, Schoology Team

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