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loading issues


im trying to login into Apex and all it does is load. The circular icon just keep turning but the page wont come up. 
What should i do



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for reaching out and participating in the Schoology Community.

    This sounds like something you'll want to contact your teacher or other staff at your school about.

    To contact your teacher/instructor in Schoology, please follow these steps:

    • - Enter a course
    • - Click Members
    • - Locate your instructor in the member list
    • - Click the gear icon to the right of your instructor's name
    • - Select Send Message

    If you are not able to contact your instructor using these steps, click the Support link at the bottom of Schoology to send a message to your Schoology Support Contact.

    I'll go ahead and move this post over to the Student Q&A section so that other students can find it if they have the same question.

    Thanks again!

    Charles, Schoology Team


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    Jonathan Rodriguez-barrera

    when im trying to submit assingment but it keeps loading 


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    Jonathan Rodriguez-barrera

    is thre a way to fix this problem


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