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I noticed that my name appears on the member list call "All" but not on the "Members" list. Also, I noticed I do not have the connection and email icons beside my name. I tried making some changes to my account but nothing I did worked.

Tekaniehtakhwa (Bev) Stacey


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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Tekaniehtakhwa,

    Thank you for reaching out with your questions!

    Since the list of names in the All area is longer (as it includes Course Admin & Members), their is a second page of names where yours should appear. You can continue to the second page by clicking Next at the bottom of the list of members.

    The ability for students to connect and to send messages is managed by your school. We recommend you contact your teachers to discuss your request.

    I'll go ahead and move this post to the Student Q&A forum so that others students with the same question can find it.

    Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your questions!

    Charles, Schoology Team


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