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Issues with Assessments

  • All assessment attempts are resumable and allow students to review answers before submitting. NOT USEFUL. I DON'T WANT THEM TO BE ABLE TO LEAVE THE TEST AND RESUME.
  • All assessments display one question per page. If a test/quiz with page breaks is converted to an assessment, those page breaks will be removed on the assessment. WOULD LIKE THE OPTION TO USE ONE PAGE
  • Assessments do not support language keyboards. If a test/quiz with a language keyboard is converted to an assessment, the assessment will not have a language keyboard. THIS IS NOT COOL. PLEASE ADD FRENCH AND SPANISH KEYBOARDS

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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Señora Taylor,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding Schoology Assessments.

    Here are a few strategies to help manage assessments when you don't want them to be resumable. You may find that using these strategies in combination yields the best results for your assessment needs:

    • - If you aren't delivering the assessment in a classroom setting, you can set the assessment to have Submissions Enabled within a certain time frame (this is available in the Assessment Edit window). Therefore, students lose access after a certain time period or testing window.
    • - If you are delivering the assessment in a classroom, you can set a password for the assessment (this is also available in the Assessment Edit window). Give out the password to the students in the classroom at the time, then change the password at the end of the class.
    • - Also within a classroom setting, you can Unpublish the assessment at the end of class or test window (this is also available in the Assessment Edit window and can also be managed in Bulk Edit of the Gradebook). Keep in mind, this will also prevent those students who did submit from seeing their scores if it was an auto-scored test (no subjective questions).
    • - A perhaps more flexible option would be to set a time limit for an assessment (this is available in the Assessment Setup area). At the end of the time limit, the student will be forced to submit. You may also use this option in conjunction with Enable/Disable Submissions so that those student who haven't started the assessment outside of the testing window, cannot.

    For all of the settings above, please note:

    • 👉🏼 Ensure that students submit the assessment at the end of the test window.
    • 👉🏼 If students forget to submit, navigate away from the assessment, or run out of time, the assessment will not be resumable. You can then force-submit the assessment for them from the Attempts tab.

    Let us know if these options will help you with your assessment goals!

    Ability to View/Grade Assessments by Question

    This feature is currently on our Roadmap! We have lots of feedback on this one and we understand that it's essential for assessments.

    Language Keyboards

    Thank you for finding, upvoting and commenting on this Feature Idea posted by another Schoologite! Keep an eye on our Product Roadmap for news on upcoming releases. While you're there, you can click follow on each section of the Roadmap to be notified as features progress.

    Thanks again for taking to the time to share all of your feedback.

    Charles, Schoology Team

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