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Students Dropped from Class (made inactive) and Grades Disappeared


A few of my students have reported, rather suddenly that they cannot access my class any longer.  When I looked at the "inactive students" tab, they were listed, with no option to re-enroll them.  Can this be remedied?




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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Theodore,

    Thank you for sharing your question!

    A student account that cannot be re-activated indicates that the account has been deleted. You can confirm this by asking the students if they are able to log into Schoology. If not, their account was probably deleted. Basic user accounts cannot be recovered once deleted.

    Basic accounts can be deleted by the user, via this process: Enterprise Schools can also delete user accounts at their discretion. 

    We recommend that the student create a new account, using an access code from your course(s). Previous grades from deleted accounts are retained in the Inactive area of Members within the course.

    Apologies for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

    Charles, Schoology Team

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    Theodore Hild

    The students in question were in my presence when they were suddenly dropped from the course or "deleted."  They did nothing of the sort and we were in fact going over problems together when it occurred.  It has now happened with a number of my students.  I also noticed I cannot view the grades of the students that have been deleted (perhaps because the grades in question were in an "ungraded" category?).  Please advise.

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    Charles Black

    Hi Theodore,

    Thanks for clarifying, if those students were associated with an Enterprise School, the System Administrator can delete user accounts at their discretion. 

    I am going to create a ticket so that we can gather more detailed information and research the issue in more detail. You'll see that ticket in the form of an email shortly.

    Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

    Charles, Schoology Team.

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