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Averaging assignments within a category


  If you have two 100 point tests and a 20 pt quiz all in the same category, it takes the percentages of each assignment and evenly averages each percentage.  The 20 point quiz has as much weight as each test.  Any assignment you put in a category when you have weighted categories has the same weight as any other assignment.   I noticed this in my Tests and Quizzes category when two 100 point tests and a 9 point quiz averaged out to a really low grade when the quiz was missing.  


Is this the way it averages grades within categories, or have I clicked a wrong button somewhere?


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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Annmarie,

    Thanks for sharing your question!

    There are a couple of ways that you can tackle weighting, and probably even more that others have used successfully:

    • - 😎 Factoring: you can set an individual assignment/test to weigh relatively higher or lower in the calculation of the grading category grade. You can manage factoring by editing a graded item under Grading Options. Here's more info:
    • - 🤔 Create a separate Category: Would breaking out Quizzes from Tests with a new category help you weight them differently?

    Just a couple of options, I'm sure there are more. Have you joined the Schoology Educators Public Group? This is a great platform for sharing and gathering feedback from other educators on how they approach this type of challenge. Click the link above to visit and then click Join Group to share your question there for some AWESOME feedback!

    Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience here in the community!

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