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Audio/Video Feature Within Rubrics


Teachers I've been working with love Schoology, especially the ability to provide audio/video feedback to submitted assignments!

However, for assignments that are not digital--such as artwork, 3-D model of cell structure, or handwritten journals--the only way teachers seem to able to give audio/video feedback is if students submit an assignment. Often teachers just have students type their name and submit. Otherwise, if an assignment is not submitted the teacher is unable to access the feature to provide audio/video feedback.

We were wondering if it was possible to add an audio/video feature within the rubric itself. This would then allow for teachers to grade and provide the audio/video feedback without the student having to submit a "placeholder" assignment in order to receive the audio/video feedback. 

Example: Although a student could take a picture of their clay sculpture and submit it through assignment in order for the teacher to provide audio/video feedback, it would make it easier if the student did not have to submit a picture for the sake of submitting it and if the teacher could instead go to the project's rubric, grade the student, and select audio/video--let's say video in this case--and the teacher could hold up the student's work to the camera while moving it about and providing video comments about aspects of the sculpture. 

By having the audio/video feature within the rubric would save the extra step for students who have more work that is not digital to submit. 

Thank you for your time and consideration!



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