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Delay release of assignments, "Assign Date"


I'm going to a conference next week and would like to have all my assignments in Schoology up and ready-to go, BUT have their publication delayed.  That is...

  • Create new assignments today.
  • Next Thursday Schoology automatically opens the assignment for the students.
  • I don't want next week's assignments posted now, these new assignments will be for a sub.

In addition to the DUE DATE, there needs to be an ASSIGN DATE.

Can I do this?  If so, why not?  Google Classroom has this very important/useful function.

Please advise.





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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback and goals for publishing content in Schoology courses.

    If your content is housed in a folder, you have the option to set the folder Availability to:

    • - Published
    • - Unpublished
    • - Publish on start date
    • - Published during range

    It sounds as though you could use Publish on start date to hide assignments until next Thursday. 

    Enjoy that conference and let us know how this setting works out for your learners!

    Thanks again for your post!

    Charles, Schoology Team


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    Colin Bridgewater

    Sean Kennedy: There is a feature request for this topic here:

    If you don't think that the workaround of creating a folder is good enough, please consider adding your vote and a comment to that thread. 

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