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Hi there - we are running a course on Schoology and need to urgently personally email all the 'members' who have registered on the course. It seems that we can only message them through the site and if they're not looking at the site, they won't see the message. In other words, the message is not getting through to their personal email address. This is no good as many registered some time ago and need to be reminded that the course is now open and they should get started! Can you help us? It's a matter of some urgency. Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Carrie,

    Since email notification settings are per-user settings, you may want to consider sending an initial communication (perhaps during registration) to the members of the course, in order to set the expectation that you'll be communicating via Schoology exclusively with information about the course. You can share this Help Center article on how to manage Personal Notifications in Schoology:

    Once that expectation is set, you can send messages and post updates to the course members and they will receive email notifications per their settings.

    I recommend using traditional email if you need to receive a read receipt or other extended functionality that most modern email clients provide.

    You may also want to reach out to other colleagues on how they manage this type of goal by posting your question in our Schoology Educators Public Group.

    You can access and join the public group by following these steps:

    • - Click Groups at the top of your Schoology homepage
    • - Click My Groups, to the right.
    • - Select the Public Groups Tab. 
    • - Select the Schoology Educators group 
    • - Here you can see all the questions being asked and answered in the Updates feed
    • - If you'd like to join and ask your question, click Join Group at the top of the page

    Thank you for your question, Carrie!

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    Schoology, Inc.

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