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Visual difference for "completed" assignment


As a student, one of the biggest things that I wish Schoology had is a way to tell the difference between a completed and uncompleted assignment in the upcoming list and the calendar. An assignment with a submission box or other measurable "completeness" (test submitted, comment posted etc.) would be completed once that measure is fulfilled. Assignments that are graded but do not have submissions could just have a checkbox or button that marks the assignment as complete or not complete. Visually the difference could be as simple as a color change for completed assignments, but anything that allows completion to be determined without opening the full assignment would be good.



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    Mr. Narell

    This would be great. We recently switch from another LMS that had this feature and it is the #1 item many of my students miss.

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    Diane Lytle

    I hear this request from students all the time. Even if they have submitted an assignment/quiz/discussion, it stays in their Updates list. If they have a lot of courses to keep track of, having this feature would be very helpful for them. 

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    Mr. Harnisch

    It doesn't even have to be a huge thing to update, but even if the font changed color on the assignment to indicate something had been submitted, it would be a huge mental aid for students who are bombarded with assignments from multiple classes to keep track of what has been completed and what still remains.

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    Diane Lytle

    A checkmark or some other visual cue would be better than a changed font color because of ADA issues with colorblindness. 

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    Mr. Narell

    Strikeout would probably serve many folks with different needs. 

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