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Resubmissions should not be marked as late


Currently, if a student submits an assignment on time, but is asked to resubmit it for some reason (like they didn't meet all of the criteria or need to correct grammar problems) then the resubmission is marked "Late" if there resubmission is after the original due date.  There are several problems with this. 

First, as the teacher, when I view an assignment and look at the list of overall grades for it, it's hard to differentiate between students who submitted it on time and were asked to resubmit and the students who actually submitted it late.  The only way to hold students accountable for late work is to manually look at when it was turned in by opening each assignment to see if the "Late" flag is for the first revision or a resubmission. 

The second problem is for the students and parents.  When they view an assignment and look at submissions, the original submission may say "On Time" but any resubmissions will say "Late."  As much as I may tell them to ignore resubmissions marked late, the stark visual of a red "Late" mark makes them question their grade.

There are two possible solutions that I see.  The first is for the "Late" notation to ONLY be triggered if an assignment original submission is turned in after a due date.  The second is to have a setting for a "resubmission due date".



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    Julie Cornell

    Before this change is considered, I would like some thought to how to do it well. For example, I would prefer the ability to reset an individual student who will be handing in another version of the assignment. There are a lot of factors...

    I've created a new post to include all of my comments, but the one comment relevant here is:

    A student may be handing in an improved version of an assignment, but the timeline for this is still important. For example, if the original assignment was handed in on time, but the second version was handed in 6 weeks later, then it really is still late. 

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    Joshua Horner

    Another plausible problem with this idea is that a student could submit an empty file as their first submission and then turn something in late. I would appreciate some sort of a 'grace period', though.

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    Stephen Keightley

    I agree with the initial posters second option, which would address the issues that Ms. Cornell and Joshua have brought up:

    The second is to have a setting for a "resubmission due date".

    Then the assignment status would appear as "Resubmission Received On Time" and "Resubmission Late".

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    Señora Guadiamos

    I love the original poster's idea of being able to add a resubmission due date!

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