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Is there a way to save and/or print a comment thread? I have a student comment thread in Updates that I would like to save/print before I delete it. The thread is 100 comments long, so screenshots of this thread would not be efficient (can only view 4 comments at a time).



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Rachel,

    Have you tried the Print feature in your browser? You should be able to click the More... link at the bottom of Updates to load as many as necessary. During the Print process from your browser, you can choose to either print to a printer, or print to a PDF. 

    Let us know if this option works out for you!

    Thank you for sharing question with the Community.

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Rachel Studnicka

    Hi Charles!

    Thank you for your quick response! Attached is a clip of the comment thread I'd like to print. There are 100 comments in this thread. When I click on "View all 100 comments" I get this pop-up window. I can only view a few at a time so I ended up highlighting and copy/pasting into a document. I thought perhaps there was a better way.


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    Charles Black

    Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for the screenshot and additional detail. I misunderstood that this was an Update with 100 comments! (That's awesome!)

    I think your copy/paste process is about the only way to extract the comments.

    It looks as though you are already in the Schoology Educators Public Group.  You may want to try asking your question there. You'll hit a broader audience and typically, you get a great answer!

    Thanks for sharing your question here in the Help Community, Rachel.

    - Charles, Schoology Team

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