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Dr. Tina Woodard of Capstone Performance Solutions, Inc. would like to give me access to be an admin to her course (Leadership Excellence Institute for Dalton State University). She instructed me to sign up as a student and join her class and thought she could change the setting once I signed up. She cannot figure out how to add me as an admin. After reading through some of the articles it appears that I may have to delete my account and start over. Is this correct? Would I also use the same access code?



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for posting your question!

    For Basic Schoology users, Student accounts cannot be made into Course Admin. You must create an Instructor account, join the course via access code and then, your colleague can promote you to Course Admin.

    For full details on this process, please visit our Help Center article: How do I add co-teachers to a course?

    Thanks again for sharing your question, Jennifer.

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    Jennifer Ott

    Thanks so much!

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