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Ability to post content to calendar


I'm a big fan of using the calendar to organize content by when it is presented. I post a screenshot of my bell-work daily, but there's no option to then store that in a course folder. Conversely I haven't seen a way to post something in the unit folder and also have it show up on the calendar (except assignments and tests/quizzes).

It would be great if the course content and calendar could be linked better, so that students can access the information from both locations.


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    Charles Black

    Hi Cara,

    Thank you for sharing your idea here in the Community.

    Presently, you can add events to the Schoology Calendar in order to organize any type of content within the calendar. Within the event, you can post a link to the content in order to direct students to that item. This isn't as automatic as your idea, but it is one temporary workaround that could help.

    Additionally, if you keep something like a bell schedule on a Google Calendar, you can import that calendar into your course. Here are some details on how to import from another calendar like Google Calendar:

    Best of luck with this idea, I wish you many upvotes!

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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